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Torture test / Glad Experiment to prove a strong product's strength no matter how hard you bump into it. Soyeon Lee

Budweiser / tagwords low-cost, high-efficiency idea : Strategies for advertising search keywords Soyeon Lee

Shot reverse shot / Huwawei Participants are delighted that their faces have become works and think that the smart phone that filmed them is...

Privacy on iphone/ Apple Emphasize Apple's strong security in a variety of situations Soyeon Lee

United Nations World Food Programme – 805 Million Names The media that can have the greatest attention is human. Hyewon Joo

Domino Pizza – Emoji Ordering I connected pizza orders and insights that people used a lot of emoji on Twitter. Hyewon Joo

Plastic Ocean – Trash Isles To show the seriousness of the scale of environmental pollution, garbage was turned into a nation. Hyewon Joo

Jordan Brand – The Last Shot Everyone wants to be their role model. This insight gave people a special experience. Hyewon Joo

Water is Life – Hashtag Killer People feel precious about their lives and let it lead to donations. Hyewon Joo

Direct TV / Cable effect The domino effect of things that happen due to the lack of cable TV Soyeon Lee

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