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Hershey – eaternet Based on their target's characteristics, Hershey connected their product with the internet. Hyewon Joo

Nike – Unlimited will Every sports campaign show the people who were not disabled. This campaign showed the challenge of what seems impossible...

Heineken – The Cliche It seemed that women wouldn't be very interested in the Champions League. They used this insight. Hyewon Joo

Channel4 – We’re the Superhumans Advertisements related to the disabled were either dark or always touching. In this, they showed a campaign that called...

Carrefour – The Black Supermarket Things that it was good for people but illegal explained as an black market that sell things which should...

Snaptivity – Snaptivity They noted not players but the audience at the important moment, it can easily viral. Hyewon Joo

momodo – The DNA Journey The campaign for nationalism was carried out through insight that not everyone had pure blood. Hyewon Joo

Nike – The Lioness Crest Nike change the symbol of lion that no one care to lioness. Hyewon Joo

Coca-Cola – This Coke is Fanta They changed the perception of that expression using their brand power. Hyewon Joo

Palau Legacy Project – Palau Pledge The real problem of Palau was lack of local poplulation compared to visitors. Hyewon Joo

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